Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Starting Out

The two organizations below are the ones we will be starting with to make donations. All proceeds from donated artwork will go directly to help the children in China and Haiti to get the medical care and nutritious food that they need to survive.

Please consider donating your artwork or crafts to help bring Hope to these beautiful children! :)

Haiti Rescue Center

Love Without Boundaries

What is Artists For Hope?

Taking art classes in College and continuing to create things for enjoyment, I realized how much artwork you accumulate as time goes on. What if that artwork could make a difference in the world? What if the art you create could help provide medical care for a child in China that desperately needs it or help to feed a severely malnourished child in Haiti? What if your artwork could bring HOPE to a child that has none?

Artists For Hope is a place for Artists to make a difference. By donating the things you have created you can help provide for children around the world, while also getting your name out to people to show your creative talents.

If you are interested in donating please contact Roberta at

Thank you for helping to give children HOPE!