Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Glass Tile Necklaces available NOW!

Our Etsy Site now has more Glass Tile Necklaces for Haiti. I'm sure they will go quick, so if you don't get one, let me know and we'll get some more up soon.

Thanks to those of you who added our button to your blogs and websites. We really appreciated you spreading the word and helping the children at the Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Haiti Necklaces Coming Soon

We are thrilled with the excitement about the Haiti necklaces cuz~ well it means we can send more money to Haiti! Obviously many of you have a heart of Haiti and thank you for helping the Rescue Center!

We are in the process of making more necklaces and I promise I will post as SOON as they are ready! In the meantime, would you mind sharing about Artists For Hope with your friends and family? Do you know an Artist or do you have a favorite Etsy person that you could talk to about donating? Do you have a blog or website that you could add our button to?

More donations = More Cool Art = More Help for the Rescue Center

Thank you!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Necklaces For Haiti

Is a part of YOUR heart in Haiti?

A group of us made over 100 glass tile necklaces as a fundraiser for the Rescue Center to be sold locally. These special few were made for our Etsy site for those of you whose hearts belong to the beautiful country and people of Haiti.

The money from these will go to help ship pallets of supplies from the US to Haiti. This is stuff that they really need for both the Rescue Center and the Clinic.

Purchase one of these necklaces for yourself or a friend and then use the opportunity to tell people who notice your jewelry about the children in Haiti and the RC!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 7 on Medika Mamba

We had to show the comparison between week 1 and week 7. These boys came into the Rescue Center and they really didn't know if they were going to live. So young and so malnourished. Thanks to the "peanut butter medicine" and care they are receiving at the Rescue Center, they are healthy and growing every week.

Thank you to everyone who as donated so far and purchased things from Artists For Hope to help these children. You really are making a difference in their lives.