Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You Can Bring A Smile

You. Yes, YOU can bring a smile to the face of a hungry child.

I knew it would be difficult to see a starving child in person. I don't think you can really even imagine it until you actually see it. It left a huge impact on me and has lit the passion even more that I had to help bring hope to these children.

Every week children come into the Rescue Center with empty stomachs and a hopeless look in their eyes. After a week or two of nutritious food and extra love, they start to get that sparkle back and you can see the hope creeping back in. That hope is why we started Artists For Hope and we want YOU to help us help these children.

We're thankful again to have the problem that we need more artwork and artists. Things have sold quickly and we're excited to be able to expand Artists For Hope and share art with art lovers who want to make a difference in this world. Check out these pictures and think about the artists in your life that you can talk to. I can't think of a better reason to create something. Help bring a smile back to their faces.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Haiti Is Amazing- Spread the Word!

I knew traveling to Haiti and meeting the children in person would spark my passion to do even more to give every child that comes into the Rescue Center the HOPE that they deserve. The Rescue Center and Clinic do so much for the people in Haiti and I thought over and over again "what would people do if they weren't here???" What if there wasn't a place here to provide nutritious food for kids that are starving? What if there wasn't a medical clinic here for the baby whose arm was severely burned in a pot of boiling water? Real Hope For Haiti truly is giving hope to people and it was such a gift to experience it first hand.

I'll be sharing more about our week in Haiti soon, but wanted to at least post a few pictures. Even in pictures, it's amazing to see the children who have recently come to the center and how solemn, frail, and weak they look....and then to see the kids who have been there awhile as they are getting stronger and healthier and have huge smiles on their faces. How amazing to see the joy return to their eyes.

I've already had several people ask me how they can help these children. Spread the word about Artists For Hope! Tell the artists, etsy people, and friends and family in your life so we can add more artwork and raise more money for the Rescue Center. ALL proceeds from donated artwork go directly to the Rescue Center. Plus we'll give free advertising to all artists who donate.
What better reason to buy or create artwork?