Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Haiti Hoedown!

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We have been busy getting ready for a local fundraiser we will be doing for the Rescue Center. I wish everyone was close enough to attend! Our little group of 4 that will be traveling to the RC in November decided to have an old fashioned Hoedown to raise money for the kids in Haiti before we go. We're excited to have a fun and crazy night of dancing, silent auctions, food, and friends...all coming together for the children at the RC.

Please tell your friends, family, favorite artist, favorite Etsy seller, neighbor, dentist....you get the idea~ about Artists For Hope. When we return from Haiti, we hope to finish our promotional video and our Non-Profit status ~ AND launch our new website to share lots of Artists with lots of Art Lovers around the world!

Thank you again.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Look At These Boys!!!

They just took a new picture of the boys and they look SO great!
That Medika Mamba stuff is amazing and thanks to Tara Livesay lots and LOTS of kids will be able to have it.
I included the picture taken the first week and a few weeks later, so you can see the amazing transformation in these boys. I can't wait to scoop these little guys up and love on them when we get to Haiti!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Marathon For Medika Mamba This Sunday

Because of the matching grants that Tara had been offered when she decided to run for hungry kids in Haiti, we decided to donate the money we made through Artists For Hope to help Tara raise more for Medika Mamba, knowing that it would help the kids at the Rescue Center.

They have actually raised over $53,000 and you can follow their journey on Sunday by watching Troy's Twitter updates on their blog during the race. I wish I could be there to witness her cross the finish line, knowing that SO many lives have been changed because she decided to run! Amazing! I love when people see a problem and they decide to get up and DO something about it! BIG things happen when people do that!

You can also read a great article about Tara here.

Thank you for being an inspiration Tara and helping to provide "peanut butter medicine" for all those hungry kids at the Rescue Center!