Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For Sale: Portrait of Deny

For sale on our Etsy Site

I'm so excited to list another amazing portrait by Alexis. I'm thankful to have such a talented friend with a heart for the children in Haiti.

This drawing is incredible! This closeup of Deny will make an amazing addition to any art collection and will be a reminder of the hope and strength of the beautiful children in Haiti.

Deny was admitted into the Rescue Center on May 6, 2006. He was left outside of their gate and has been living there ever since. He had hydrocephalus and he had surgery in Haiti in Oct 2007. They put a shunt in to drain the water from his head and he is doing well now. Because of the care he received at the Rescue Center, he can walk, talk, and play like all the other children. Their guess is that he is about 4 years old. I think he has one of the sweetest little faces I have ever seen!

The picture is custom matted and will fit into a 22x28 frame.

Thank you for helping to bring hope to the children in Haiti!

$199.00 (shipping included)
* ALL proceeds go to help the Rescue Center in Haiti

Sunday, December 28, 2008

SOLD: Necklace

Thank you! :)

We are going to try listing things directly from the site for now to avoid ebay fees. Hopefully this will allow for us to start listing donated artwork in the very near future.
This is our first attempt, so I'm putting a scrabble tile necklace I made with a flag of Haiti, and whoever buys this can hold Haiti close to their heart.

*Remember all proceeds go to the RHRC to help the children!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


If you've been trying to find this beautiful picture on our Etsy Site...it's already sold!
We will have more of Alexis's beautiful work for sale very soon.

Thank you SO much for helping
the children at the Rescue Center!

Check out this AMAZING portrait by Alexis Studenberg. This is Rosena and she is a very special girl who has been living at the Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center.
Despite the challenges that this beautiful girl has faced, her smile shows the joy and hope that children hold on to. You can't help but feel happy when you look at this face!

This original portrait is listed on the artistsforhope Etsy site.
ALL proceeds from this portrait go directly to help the children in Haiti.
Not only will you have this amazing portrait to remind you of the beauty of Haiti, you know that you made a difference in the lives of the children at the Rescue Center.
Could it get any better than that?

Thanks for giving children HOPE!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Ebay the Answer?

12-16-08 UPDATE~ We're trying to find a solution so we can start posting donations. We may have to do an ebay site for a short time while coming up with a better idea...but we've had some great ideas come in and we're hoping it won't be long!

My friend Alexis and I have started an Etsy site in the meantime to sell her amazing portraits she has done of some of the children at the Rescue Center in Haiti. You MUST check it out!

Please let us know if you have any more great ideas!

We're busy trying to figure out where the best place to sell donations would be. We were hoping to use Etsy, because it's just a cool/happy/art- filled place to be....but their rules don't allow donated artwork to be sold from there. Bummer. So we're thinking ebay. Ebay isn't the best place for this because of the fees, but it also allows for lots of people who are searching for items to come across the things that are being sold. Kinda good~Kinda bad.

Our goal is to start ASAP getting our Non-Profit Status (which is a HECK of lot of work we're learning) and then we will be able to sell off of ebay without any fees being taken out. We obviously want ALL the money to go to the Rescue Center. Not to ebay! As great as ebay is and all, we're trying to help kids here! ;)

If anyone has a great idea about a better way to sell donations, please let us know. We're so excited and thankful for all the people who are interested in donating and the Rescue Center is SO excited to have artists who care about the kids there and want to help!

Please email me (Roberta) at artistsforhope@gmail.com or leave a comment with any questions or ideas you might have, or if you want to donate or help in some way. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Sale

Thank you Kenda for your donation! :)
She will be at the Millard South Craft Show November 29,
so be sure to go check out her other great designs!

Thank you SO much to Kenda Auman
for donating this adorable Door Charm.
We are working on getting a "store" set up somewhere (Etsy unfortunately won't let us sell donated items), so in the meantime, we're going to try to raise some money for the kids in Haiti straight from the blog. I kinda think someone local will want to purchase this cute Snowman anyways....so the first email sent to me at artistsforhope@gmail.com will be the proud owner of this Door Charm and will also know they are helping the
children at the Rescue Center in Haiti.
Happiness all around! :)

Kenda Auman creates and sells many different kinds of Door Charms and sells them at Craft Shows in the Omaha area. She also has a website where you can view her designs and purchase Door Charms for all year round. They are so cute and PERFECT for Christmas presents!
Check them all out at:

You can also email her at simplyswirls@cox.net

Thank you Kenda for helping bring HOPE to the beautiful children of Haiti!!!

Snowman Door Charm


Friday, November 7, 2008

Please Spread the Word

Look at this sweet little face! My friend Alexis did this special Portrait of a little boy that lives at the Rescue Center. His name is Deny and I will give more information about him and this wonderful artist in the near future.

We are in the process of adding a Creole verse to this beautiful portrait and it will be available for purchase soon. I have a few donations that have come in already, but I'm asking everyone to please spread the word about Artists For Hope.
The more artists who donate, the more money we can raise for the kids who come into the Rescue Center.

Remember, ALL money raised from donations will go directly to the Rescue Center and the artists will get tons of FREE advertising...so really its a WIN/WIN situation for all! :)

Watch for the Artists For Hope Etsy Site that will be opening SOON!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Rescue Center

I wanted to give a little more information about The Rescue Center in Haiti so that everyone knows what this wonderful organization does and what the proceeds of all the sales will be going towards. Please spread the word to anyone you know who creates something. The possibilities are endless and many children will be helped by the artwork donated!

This information is taken directly from Licia's blog. It's very hard to see these children SO malnourished and without hope when they are brought into the center, but the AFTER pictures of the children who survive will definitely make you smile. :)

This is Tinor. He is 10 years old and weighed 43 pounds in April (shown in the bottom 2 pictures), when he was admitted into the RC. His lowest weigh was 40 pounds. The first picture is him when he was going home this week at 49 pounds.

This is Berlando. He is suffering from a form of Malnutrition called Kwashiorkor.
This is his before and after pictures.

Written by Licia~

Our family has been working in rural Haiti since 1994. We are currently ministering in an area two and a half hours northeast of the capital in the village of Cazale. There are approximately 10,000 people living here and 70% of the children are malnourished. With 70% being malnourished we have a small percent that are near death and need some extra help to recover. Most parents really love their children and want to keep there families together. We offer a place for the kids to recover and regain their health and then return to their families. We call this facility The Rescue Center. This facility houses 50 to 60 sick and malnourished children. These children are nursed back to health and then return to their families in the local villages. We also take in children that are abandoned in front of our gate.

The Rescue Center has three main areas.

1. Newborn babies up to 12 months, the average stay for this group of children is 2 years. In general all the babies that are in the RC do not have a mother that can take care of them. Usually this is due to the death of the mother, shortly after child birth, or some type of mental illness. The father works in the gardens and fields all day. It would be difficult to take a newborn baby and work in the hot sun. Infant formula is very expensive for the average family to buy. By the time they are two years old; they are walking, eating solid foods and are off of the formula. The dad can then take the child back and their chances of survival are much higher.

2. Children 12 months to 12 years old– the average stay for this group is 4 to 5 months. Many of these children are suffering from severe forms of malnutrition. The most common we see are Kwashiorkor or Marasmus. Most are near death when admitted. These children are given a balanced diet, love and care. The ones that live, return home to their families.

3. Last are adults in some sort of crisis situation. Most are in some type of life crisis. Whether it’s AIDS or some type of terminal illness like cancer. Often they just need a place to die where someone cares. We love them, tell them about Jesus, and help them the best we can.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our First Artist

A wonderful friend of mine, Alexis, is going to be starting a very special drawing of a VERY special person in the near future. She is an incredible portrait artist and I'm so excited to tell you more soon.

This is a drawing she did of my daughter Mia when she was a year old on the beach in Florida. I absolutely love it and I can't wait for her to start this special project.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Starting Out

The two organizations below are the ones we will be starting with to make donations. All proceeds from donated artwork will go directly to help the children in China and Haiti to get the medical care and nutritious food that they need to survive.

Please consider donating your artwork or crafts to help bring Hope to these beautiful children! :)

Haiti Rescue Center

Love Without Boundaries

What is Artists For Hope?

Taking art classes in College and continuing to create things for enjoyment, I realized how much artwork you accumulate as time goes on. What if that artwork could make a difference in the world? What if the art you create could help provide medical care for a child in China that desperately needs it or help to feed a severely malnourished child in Haiti? What if your artwork could bring HOPE to a child that has none?

Artists For Hope is a place for Artists to make a difference. By donating the things you have created you can help provide for children around the world, while also getting your name out to people to show your creative talents.

If you are interested in donating please contact Roberta at

Thank you for helping to give children HOPE!