Thursday, June 11, 2009

Running for Medika Mamba

We are SO excited about the Medika Mamba program in Haiti and as we spread the word about Artists For Hope and complete our new website, we hope to attract the attention of some wonderful new Artists with big hearts that want to help the children at the Rescue Center.

We decided to use the rest of the money we had donated so far to support a wonderful woman, Tara Livesay, in her running adventure to help the Medika Mamba program. They have a matching grant going and when they meet their goal, it will help SO many children in Haiti. We figured it's always good to double the money for the kids, and it all goes back to helping the kids at RHFH. Yay! You can read about Tara's marathon here.

I want to thank Troy Livesay (Tara's husband) for the use of his amazing pictures from a recent trip to the Rescue Center. He is an incredible photographer and a missionary in Haiti and he really captured some amazing moments with the children. Here are just a few...

*This is sweet little Deny, who was in the first portrait that Alexis did for Artists For Hope. I still melt every time I see his smile. :)

Thanks for continuing to spread the word.
I have some new things for sale that will be posted soon!

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