Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Go Medika Mamba!

These four little cuties were lucky enough to be put on the Medika Mamba program. This progression has taken place after only 3 weeks! The difference you can see even between week one and two is amazing. This "Peanut Butter Medicine" really does work and the money we raise will allow more children to receive it.

Did you know it only costs about $6 a week for these children to be on the program? If you purchase something or donate what it would cost for you to go out for lunch, you're providing life saving medicine for a child. You aren't just sitting back and wishing there weren't starving children in our world...you're DOING something about it.

There is a Haitian Proverb Men anpil chay pa lou, which mean Many Hands Make the Load Lighter. If everyone does even a little bit to make the suffering of others better, a LOT can be accomplished!

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Kelli said...

Very very very AWESOME! God has really provided a way to help those kiddos!