Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Sale

Thank you Kenda for your donation! :)
She will be at the Millard South Craft Show November 29,
so be sure to go check out her other great designs!

Thank you SO much to Kenda Auman
for donating this adorable Door Charm.
We are working on getting a "store" set up somewhere (Etsy unfortunately won't let us sell donated items), so in the meantime, we're going to try to raise some money for the kids in Haiti straight from the blog. I kinda think someone local will want to purchase this cute Snowman the first email sent to me at will be the proud owner of this Door Charm and will also know they are helping the
children at the Rescue Center in Haiti.
Happiness all around! :)

Kenda Auman creates and sells many different kinds of Door Charms and sells them at Craft Shows in the Omaha area. She also has a website where you can view her designs and purchase Door Charms for all year round. They are so cute and PERFECT for Christmas presents!
Check them all out at:

You can also email her at

Thank you Kenda for helping bring HOPE to the beautiful children of Haiti!!!

Snowman Door Charm

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Nikki said...

Fantastic idea. I love any opportunity to help the people of Haiti. Looking forward to seeing more artwork to purchase!