Friday, November 7, 2008

Please Spread the Word

Look at this sweet little face! My friend Alexis did this special Portrait of a little boy that lives at the Rescue Center. His name is Deny and I will give more information about him and this wonderful artist in the near future.

We are in the process of adding a Creole verse to this beautiful portrait and it will be available for purchase soon. I have a few donations that have come in already, but I'm asking everyone to please spread the word about Artists For Hope.
The more artists who donate, the more money we can raise for the kids who come into the Rescue Center.

Remember, ALL money raised from donations will go directly to the Rescue Center and the artists will get tons of FREE really its a WIN/WIN situation for all! :)

Watch for the Artists For Hope Etsy Site that will be opening SOON!!!

1 comment:

elisiajem said...

I am so happy you have started this!!! What a great idea. I have been to the orphanage in Cazale and know that the donation will go to good use. I will spread the word here in Chicago and I bow down to you for creating such a special website.

Elisia Bartolementi