Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For Sale: Portrait of Deny

For sale on our Etsy Site

I'm so excited to list another amazing portrait by Alexis. I'm thankful to have such a talented friend with a heart for the children in Haiti.

This drawing is incredible! This closeup of Deny will make an amazing addition to any art collection and will be a reminder of the hope and strength of the beautiful children in Haiti.

Deny was admitted into the Rescue Center on May 6, 2006. He was left outside of their gate and has been living there ever since. He had hydrocephalus and he had surgery in Haiti in Oct 2007. They put a shunt in to drain the water from his head and he is doing well now. Because of the care he received at the Rescue Center, he can walk, talk, and play like all the other children. Their guess is that he is about 4 years old. I think he has one of the sweetest little faces I have ever seen!

The picture is custom matted and will fit into a 22x28 frame.

Thank you for helping to bring hope to the children in Haiti!

$199.00 (shipping included)
* ALL proceeds go to help the Rescue Center in Haiti

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