Friday, February 20, 2009

A Great Reminder

As we continue to spread the word about Artists For Hope, here's an adorable reminder of WHY we are doing this and how your donations can help!

The Rescue Center takes in children that are severely malnourished and provides them with nutritious food and health care in hopes that they can gain weight and go home to their families. Sometimes they have starved for too long and their little bodies just can't recover...but very often they can gain strength and nourishment through healthy food and intervention.

This adorable little sweetie is Chrismene.

She was 13 months old when she came to the clinic and she weighed 13 pounds.
I have a 9 month old that weighs almost 20 pounds, so it was hard to imagine how tiny this little one must be!

Here she is going home 6 months later at 17 pounds.
Look at her cheeks and that smile! She looks so healthy and happy!

She was SO happy to see her Mama when she was able to go home.
She kept giving her kisses. Too cute!
This picture can't help but make you smile. :)

These transformations are what we want to support. A family who doesn't have the money or resources to provide food for their children and can't see any hope, suddenly sees that someone is there to help them. This sweet little girl might not have survived if it wasn't for the care, love, and nutritious food provided to her by the RHRC. Your donations and purchases will help these kids have hope and survive! Thank you!

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