Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Is Artists For Hope?

Over a year ago, I was totally crushed after seeing pictures on Licia's blog of some children that were just skin and bone from severe malnutrition. I've been to Russia, Guatemala, South Africa, and Madagascar. I've seen poverty. I've seen hunger~ but I had never seen children that were literally starving to death. It especially hit me that this was in Haiti, just a few hour plane ride from Miami. How could this be happening?

I talked to a few artist friends and we discussed what we could do to make life a little better for these kids. We knew the people at the Rescue Center did everything they could to help these kids. They loved them and provided them with all they could...but we also knew funds were hard to come by for them and they needed more to be able to help more children.

Pictures of children like little Emmanuel (above) are what motivated us to do something. What if we donated some of our artwork to sell to make some money for these kids? What if we talked to friends to see if they wanted to do the same? What if we talked to artists who also wanted to DO something? What if we could advertise for these artists so other people could learn more about them and their talent?

These after pictures are why we are doing what we are doing. Isn't the difference amazing?

The week after Thanksgiving I was able to lead a small group to visit the Rescue Center for the first time. The thing that hit me the most while we were there was the huge feeling of HOPE that was within the Rescue Center. Some of the kids were so sick, but the nannies and staff treated them like they were going to be OK and with all the respect they deserved. There was always singing. There was always playing. There was always hope.

I took this picture of Emmanuel while we were there. I hadn't seen his before picture and I could not believe that was him. This smiley, goofy little boy couldn't be that sad, solemn little guy in the first picture! He was TOO cute and we're so happy knowing he is home with his family now.

Knowing that the kids we loved and spent the week with have been sleeping outside and that their food and formula supplies were running out has been extremely hard. A lot of the kids are medically fragile and some are on IV's and have feeding tubes. How difficult it must be to be outside 24/7 with 50 babies and kids. Can you imagine your own kids being outside on the cement day after day? ugh.

We again want to thank all of you that have come forward to donate and for all the people who have been purchasing artwork! It makes such a difference and it will truly help these kids. If you are interested in donating or even if you just have questions, please email Roberta @

We've also added some new items to our etsy page and will continue to, so please check HERE often!

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