Friday, April 23, 2010

More Bracelets and some CUTE kids

We listed more bracelets on the etsy site. More have sold already, but if you go quickly you might be in luck...

This adorable little guy is Nadiege's son, Daniel. He had just finished eating a bowl of rice and beans and then crawled through the dust when I took this picture. He was cleaned up shortly after, but I'm so happy I caught him while he was still messy. The kid is too cute.

Older children are always helping
and loving on younger kids in Haiti.
Those deep human connections are very important and something I think we really lack here in America sometimes.

The cutie on the right is Nadiege's daughter. Quite a difference from the pictures below. Isn't she beautiful?

Purchasing the bracelets these ladies made will help these kids and their moms to have a brighter future. What better reason to buy some new jewelery, right???

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