Thursday, April 22, 2010


Nadiege spent the day with us in Haiti learning to make bracelets and I really enjoyed spending time with her and was very moved by her story.

This photo was taken from the Rescue Center blog. Two employees of the RC found Nadiege and her two children living outside where they burn their garbage. They were able to find her a tent and realized quickly that she was very ill. She couldn't walk at all on her own. They took her in for testing and found that she is HIV Positive. Thankfully, both of her children are negative.

They moved her tent back to an area where several earthquake victims have been recovering. I was able to spend part of the day in this little "community" that has been established under the Mango and Coconut trees behind the RC. It was amazing to see all of these different people and families from so many different circumstances that have come together. They take care of each other and watch each other's children and laugh and talk together. I love the relationships we were able to witness there as these people heal and try to figure out what their futures will hold.

Nadiege shared with me about her kids. She has two adorable kids! Dad is not around to help them. She really wants a place to live. Our hope is that in the future we can establish ongoing projects through the art co-op in Cazale so that women like Nadiege can have their dreams come true. Until then, I'm extremely thankful for the caring people at the Rescue Center and Clinic that didn't just walk past Nadiege and her two children, but found her shelter and moved her to a loving little community that can help her and support her for now!

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