Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Portrait on Etsy- Begendy

This sweet little boy is Begendy. His sister has also been in the RC, both with severe malnutrition. Their father brought them in and their mother has been very sick and unable to work. They have one other child and they have lost two children already to kwashiorkor (one died in the RC a few years ago.) Thankfully, Begendy was healthy enough to go home to his family.

Children like Begendy are brought into the RC every day. Sometimes they gain weight and start to do very well. Sometimes the malnutrition is too advanced and they die. The wonderful people at the Rescue Center in Haiti do everything they can to provide for these children, and our hope is that we can help with their efforts through art and creativity.

Please check out our Etsy site for this amazing portrait by Alexis!

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