Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Portrait on Etsy- Iseline

The adorable little girl in this portrait is Iseline.
Alexis captured her sweet little face so well!

Iseline was sent to the Rescue Center by a volunteer doctor in April. She had kwashiorko and was sick. It took her several months to recover.

Here she is going home with a weight gain of 6 pounds. Her mother is 6 months pregnant with another child. But was so happy to be able to take her back home. She will follow-up with 2 week check ups for a few months.

I keep thinking about what an amazing conversation piece this portrait would be. Any of Alexis's portraits actually! Having Iseline's portrait hanging in your home or office would allow for the opportunity to talk about the children in our world that are in desperate need of good nutrition and would be an amazing reminder of how blessed most of us truly are.

Check out this portrait at our Etsy site!

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