Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Tracy Hanson of Junk Posse

“To Love what I do and feel that it makes a difference-How could I ask for anymore!”
That is how I feel about my Jewelry that I design and Create to help support many non-profits and Families that are Adopting. It is passion with a purpose. My first Love for Jewelry started in High School classes I had taken and I continued to take for several years late in to my adulthood. My father was a Jewelry Designer and My mom was a talented Artist. My parents gave me a desire to want to learn anything new . I really liked designing Jewelry and It became a Deep love for me when I started donating a nice portion of the sales to others.
My Muse are the Orphans that have been given a second chance by incredible People that take the risk to open their Hearts and Love the unloved.
I am touched by The Mom’s that send me Thank you notes & pictures of their little ones and I think of each one as I put a Sweet name or message on the necklace. I love to make a treasure , Something tangible that they can have close to them as they wait for a baby to come home or as a reminder of how they chose to be a Mom and how they Love their children.
The connection between women and my pieces is also something that continues to amaze me. I have had moms connect in line at Disneyland because they were both wearing one of my necklaces. I have also met many wonderful Husbands that want a one of kind piece that will show how much they appreciate their wives and daughters. I have such a Great respect for single Mom’s who make the decision to Adopt Children and sometimes older Children and to do the best that they can to raise them, These people are just some of my Hero’s that drive me each day to be so excited to get to make my Jewelry in my little studio, each piece by hand for someone that I admire and look up to because they have chosen to Be the Change our Children Need,
The Hope."

Tracy has generously donated one of her beautiful Haiti Hope necklaces to us to help the children at the Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center. It is for sale on our website and ALL proceeds go to RHFH. What better way to donate to help starving kids???

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missreneer said...

Thank you for writing about Tracy and her Haiti Hope necklaces. I had never heard about these but they are for such an amazing cause I feel blessed for reading about it and how it is touching the lives of so many people. Thank you again and God Bless You!