Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giveaway on Junk Posse

We have gotten to know Tracy from Junk Posse over the web and we have been so impressed with her spirit and love for children all over the world. She is doing a giveaway for us to help spread the word about Artists For Hope. Visit her BLOG HERE to see how you can win 2 sets of the beautiful Recycled Plastic bracelets that were lovingly made in Cazale, Haiti by some amazing women. The women who made the bracelets in these sets are featured below. We gave the women some creative license and then pieced the bracelets together in the end to make sets of three.

Yanick is a mother of 2. She has a 5th grade education, but they realized at RHFH very quickly that she is extremely intelligent. She has been working in the clinic for a while now doing dressing changes and currently has a house packed with people because of the earthquake. She is working towards building a house for her and her extended family. Her smile is infectious and she loved creating the bracelets!

Ginette has four kids and her house was destroyed in the earthquake. She does not have anywhere to work. She is learning to sew and loves being in the community group in Cazale. We are hoping to start some sewing projects in the future to help women like Ginette.

We've posted about Nadiege before and you can learn more about her HERE. She worked SO hard on the bracelets she made and really did a wonderful job. She definitely showed a talent for working with her hands and we're excited for future possibilities for her and her family.

Regine came to Cazale severely malnourished. She couldn't even walk. She has five kids and she used to buy and sell food to try to provide for her family, but she became too sick to do that. Her dream is to have a house for her family. I wish I could introduce all of you to her in person so you could experience her fun personality and great sense of humor. I will do a longer post about her in the future so you can get to know her a bit better. ;)

The women who made these bracelets were so thankful for work. They want to do whatever they can to make life easier for their families. They want possibilities and hope for their future. I had choke back tears at they end of our day together when they thanked us for coming to help them and for remembering them in Haiti. It definitely lit a fire inside us to do whatever we can to help these women and hopefully many more.

Thank you for caring about these women and spreading the word about Artists For Hope! It helps more than you can even imagine!


Erica said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I love it!! Excited to be entered in the giveaway. I love the Artists for Hope site, there is some great stuff!! Awesome!!

vzadventures said...

Thank you Erica! We really appreciate you spreading the word about the children in Haiti and our passions to bring them hope through art! Thanks!!!

Melissa said...

I blogged and Facebooked. Enter me please. www.delightinweaknesses.blogspot.com

Wes And Nina said...

Wonderful! Okay, I have now put the giveaway on facebook, so maybe 600 more people can learn about Artists for Hope! Woot! Woot!

Roberta said...

Thank you SO much guys!!!

Good luck!

Rachel said...

Shared on my blog, which also links to facebook!! Beautiful bracelets!!

Jenn said...

Gorgeous!!! Excited to be entered in the GiveAway!! Blogged and posted on facebook. :) www.jmjordan23.blogspot.com

Working on finding sponsors for an orphanage in Pignon, Haiti, and will be advertising this wonderful site on our blog page when we get it set up! :)

Annie said...

I love the bracelets and hope to win! Thank you!

Cindy said...

I blogged about it, please enter me! I hope you have more bracelets available for order soon!

vzadventures said...

Thank you guys and good luck!

We hope to have some more bracelets available soon. The ladies in Haiti should be busy working on them as we speak (type). :)

tracy hanson said...

I Love My Bracelets that I ordered from you! Thank you so much!

According to God's Plan! said...

Posted on blog & FB - love ARTISTS FOR HOPE site & am happy to help get word out. Please enter us in the drawing & we'll continue to spread the word. Good work, Stac