Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coming Soon

We have lots of fun things planned coming up, and we're excited about some new ideas that we will be working with our artisans on. One of my favorites right now is this cute ball made completely with recycled materials. Watch for these to be for sale on our website in the future!


Leah said...

Hey Roberta! Did you take the photo of the baby crawling shown at the top of this page?
Can't wait for your open house!


Anonymous said...

This turned out great!! Love seeing the new items. Amy


Can't wait!

Roberta said...

Yes Leah. Isn't that just the cutest baby ever? I loved the contrast between all the rubble and this sweet little baby.

He was the son of one of the earthquake victims I spent time with in April. His Mom was recovering in a little tent village they set up in Cazale and the kids all played in the center area.

Thanks for checking back and being excited with us for the artisans and the children!