Thursday, November 11, 2010

Go AWAY Cholera

This adorable little boy, Onelson, went home from the Rescue Center 3 weeks ago because he had won his fight with malnutrition.
He was healthy and happy.

He came back today and has been diagnosed with Cholera. He has lost 6 pounds since yesterday. He's fighting for his life.

I can't begin to explain why this is happening. I've read so many articles about Cholera in Haiti and why it is spreading and what should be done about it. Tonight, I'm feeling helpless and wishing I could do something to make things better for Onelson and for everyone else who is suffering and dying.

They are setting up a make-shift hospital in Cazale tonight. They have had people arriving the past several hours with severe vomiting and diarrhea. They know there are more to come. They don't have electricity in the house they are using as a hospital. They are hoping they have enough supplies to help the people who are sick. Once again....please keep Haiti in your thoughts and in your prayers. They have suffered so much. Too much.

I can't tonight I will stay awake and pray for the Haitian people and for Onelson and for Cholera to GO AWAY! :(

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