Saturday, November 13, 2010

My awesome Veterinarian/Friend

My awesome friend (and our Veterinarian extraordinaire) is doing a blogathon to help raise money to get A Puppy For Bradyn. This puppy will help this adorable little boy survive with uncontrolled Epilepsy.

Shawn wrote this wonderful article about Artists For Hope and is a talented blogger, writer, and Vet. She's just all around very cool.

Check out her blog, Riley and James, and everything that is going on to help this little boy! I love seeing people come together for such a great reason.


Shawn Finch said...

Hey! Just saw this Roberta! Thank you so much! You are awesome. Few more hours...going great so far :)

Roberta said...

Super cool Shawn! I'm excited to check out the painting that will be auctioned off on Monday. She is very talented. Glad you had fun. I hope you got to catch up on some sleep!