Sunday, January 2, 2011

Artist Dori Settles

Funky Dori and daughter, Funky Erin work with fabrics and glass to create one of a kind accessories you just have to have!

Like so many other Lampworkers, Dori fell in love with the flow of the glass and the challenge of either making it do what she wants, or better put, giving in to what the glass wants to do.

Artist Dori Settles not only donated some amazing jewelry to Artists For Hope, but she also came to our Open House and made herself available to speak with shoppers about her work and see firsthand what Artists For Hope is all about. We loved spending time with her and everyone loved her jewlery! We will be listing some of her donations on our website very soon. Be sure To check out her website and her ETSY site to see more of her work.

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