Friday, January 7, 2011

Artist Suzanne Carter

We are so thrilled to have Suzanne Carter as one of our new artists! I love when lives intertwine from different parts of the world for one reason. To help some beautiful kids in the mountains of Haiti have the food and care they need. Suzanne has offered to donate 50% of the proceeds from sales of her art from her website to help provide food and care for children at the Rescue Center in Haiti.

Suzanne Carter is a New Zealand Intercessory Worship Artist. She is a mixed media artist who uses primarily acrylic, but loves using texture and exploring new ideas and techniques. Suzanne is a member of the New Zealand Art Guild and has exhibited her work all over New Zealand. We are so excited that she is doing so much to help.

Thank you Suzanne for your generosity and for sharing about Artists For Hope in New Zealand and around the world through your art!

Visit Suzanne's website to learn more about her and view her work for sale to feed kids in Haiti. To purchase her work in the states, you can also buy prints from Red Bubble.

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